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How Long Does It Take to Charge a Nissan LEAF?

2022 Nissan LEAF charging

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent around Gardena, and the compact, fuel-efficient Nissan LEAF is one of the best models you can choose from! Effortlessly combining style, performance, and technology, the Nissan LEAF is an excellent choice for those drivers looking to venture into the world of EVs. But how long does it take to charge a Nissan LEAF? If this is your first electric vehicle, this is an important question to ask. However, there’s no one single answer – it all depends on the kind of charger you’re using, and there are several options. Nissan of Torrance has got everything you need to know about how long to charge a LEAF below, so read on!

240-Volt Public or Home Charging

If you’re looking for a popular mid-level charger with a portable charging cable, the 240-volt outlet is an ideal choice. You can either use one of the 30,000 Level-2 public chargers all around the United States to charge up your LEAF, or you can install a home charger to make sure your car is at full charge before your Carson commute. Depending on the battery, the charging times for a 240-volt unit differ slightly. Here are the numbers:

  • With a 40 kWh battery: Flat to fully charged in 8 hours
  • With a 62 kWh battery: Flat to fully charged in 11.5 hours

480-Volt Public DC Quick Charging

If you’re looking to quickly charge up your LEAF, look no further than the 480-volt DC quick charger! Though they’re not as prevalent as their 240-volt counterparts, you’ll still find tens of thousands of quick-charging stations around the U.S. These are perfect for charging up your LEAF in the middle of a road trip, or if you find your LEAF is running low on power and you want to give it a quick charge before heading home.

  • With a 40 kWh battery: Flat to 80% in 40 minutes
  • With a 62 kWh battery: Flat to 80% in 60 minutes

120-Volt Standard Outlet

Lastly, when you purchase a Nissan LEAF, it comes standard with a 120-volt charging cable for a Level-1 charge. There are some trade-offs when it comes to this charger. It takes much longer than the other options – around 20 hours for a good charge – but 120V outlets are by far the most common, making it the most convenient choice for charging your LEAF.

What is the Nissan LEAF Range?

The Nissan LEAF boasts a powerful battery and a long electric range regardless of the type of battery. Here are the full specs:

  • With a fully charged 40 kWh battery: Up to a 150-mile EPA range; 147 horsepower
  • With a fully charged 62 kWh battery: Up to a 226-mile EPA range; 214 horsepower

Find Out More with Nissan of Torrance

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Nissan LEAF, feel free to contact us anytime! You can also come to our dealership to check out our available models in person, or take one out for a test drive around Compton if you want to see how it handles on the road. And if you’re ready to start the process of bringing a Nissan home for yourself, you can apply for financing right from our website!


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